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Smeaton Grange Parents, Watch your kids grow, learn, build confidence, and have fun!

What is Ready Set Dance?


READY SET DANCE is a one hour combo class of JAZZ, TAP, HIP HOP, SINGING and MUSIC. Designed for both boys and girls, the program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of dance while developing confidence, coordination and creativity in a professional and safe environment.

  • JAZZ – Develop muscle strength, control and balance and achieve coordination milestones like skipping before going to school.

  • HIP HOP – Bust out some ice cold moves just like FREEZE to our original hip hop tracks.

  • MUSIC – Develop the musical ear, dynamics and tempo while having fun with instruments and the parachute.

  • SINGING – Sing like TWIRL and build confidence singing on the microphone.

  • TAP – Learn the fundamentals of tap in a playful and creative way splashing in puddles and shuffling like a penguin.

All these ingredients together create a super hour of fun!

Classes are about to begin!

We are so excited to help your little one start their dance journey. With classes on 6 days a week, we know we have a class that will suit you! Get ready to feel the magic

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