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Company Teams


PRODIGY – THE COMPANY focuses on training versatile dancers and circus artists who display high calibre athleticism and are able to adapt to each genre without hesitation. We believe that by offering a Company at Prodigy Performing Arts, we are able to progress, challenge and elevate our students training to maintain high calibre level of technique and performance skills through the ever-evolving performing arts. Our teaching team drives our dancers to embark on a diverse training program. Above being highly skilled, we expect students who are invited into our company to be team players, to work to their fullest potential and be determined to succeed in all facets of their life.

Prodigy Company represents Prodigy at competitions

We believe that competition gives our students the opportunity to further build their performance skills. As well as being a versatile, well trained dancer and performer, being a part of a company is much more than that. It builds confidence, it teaches you to be a team player, it teaches you to take responsibility, teaches discipline and it teaches skills you will apply further in your life. You also get to make amazing friends along the way!