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Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information


We have multiple payment options. Paying through your parent portal via paypal or direct deposit is the preferred method. In 2022, the front desk will be open 5 days a week for payments. If you wish to direct deposit fee’s into our account, please see Voula for bank details.

  • Monday – 4:00pm till 5:30pm
  • Tuesday – 4:00pm till 7:00pm
  • Wednesday – 4:00pm till 6:15pm
  • Thursday – 4:00pm-7:00pm
  • Saturday – 9:00am – 12:00pm


Compulsory – Must be worn at all times while in class
  • Grooming For Dance & Circus Classes

    SHOES – Parents may you please make sure that your children have appropriate footwear for each dance class. Barefoot is not acceptable unless it acrobatics.

    HAIR –  It is imperative that hair is pulled back off the face and tied back neatly as we are finding children are doing their hair during class multiple times and are missing dance class and being distracted.

    UNIFORM – Please make sure all children are in full RTB gear while in class. If you do not have an PPA uniform, our colours are turquoise, white and black so please try and stick with these colours.

    BALLET – Ballet teachers have requested all students are in tights and a leotard with hair in a bun. Please understand it is very difficult to teach ballet if children are not in the right attire as we cannot apply corrections if children are in baggy clothing.


    • All black clothing  – Must include:
    • Long Black Tights
    • Long sleeve top or singlet
    • Black leotard with shorts but must have stockings on
    • No Zippers or buttons on any clothing
    • No Shoes
  • Acrobatics / Contortion

    • Tight clothing
    • Tights/shorts/leotards/crop tops
    • No shoes
  • Ballet

    • Hair must be in a bun – Children who do not have their hair in a bun on arrival to class must put it up before entering the classroom
    • Pink Tights
    • Black leotard
    • Chiffon black skirt (optional)
    • Pink leather Ballet Shoes
  • Jazz / Contemporary / Lyrical / Tap / Hip Hop / Cheerleading / Troupe

    • PPA shorts, Black shorts, black dance pants or track pants (track pants are allowed in hip hop only)
    • Studio t-shirt, PPA singlet or PPA crop top (available from the studio for purchase) If no PPA uniform, please wear all black
    • Shoes for tap – Black buckle or lace-up shoes
    • Shoes for Cheerleading – Jazz shoes or White Sneakers
    • Shoes for Hip Hop– Black Jazz shoes or sneakers
    • Black Jazz shoes for Jazz (From junior classes and above – Little Prodegies, please see below)
    • Jazz shoes or toe socks for Contemporary and Lyrical
  • Little Prodegies Jazz, Ballet and Tap – Compulsory

    • PPA Black skirttard (available from the studio)
    • Tan Split sole jazz shoes (Jazz)
    • Pink Ballet shoes (Ballet)
    • Black buckle tap shoes (Tap)